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You should not miss a trip to Manchester to explore the Little Duck River Greenway

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Tennessee’s Little Duck River is a tributary of Tennessee’s Duck River, running for 6.5 miles (10.5 km). As part of the Mississippi River watershed, it is connected to the Duck, Tennessee, and Ohio rivers. Flowing through Manchester, Tennessee, the river rises in a poorly drained, swampy area. In Old Stone Fort State Park, it confluences with the main Duck River in a spectacular spectacle.

It is also connected to Old Stone Fort State Park and State Highway 41 via the Little Duck River Greenway. The Coffee County Middle School, Fred Deadman Park, Recreation Center, and the Town Square.

Where did the idea of extending Little Duck River come from?

In a 2012 needs assessment, citizens within Manchester and Coffee County mentioned the continued expansion of the greenway as their top funding priority. Next, the department evaluated the next extension project based on the master plan for the greenway. Residents in both cities and rural areas utilize the greenway for walking and running, and the department uses it for races.

Several years ago, it was decided to extend the Little Duck River Greenway at the Manchester Sports Park under the State Highway 55 bridge to prevent users from crossing the four-lane highway.

What was the purpose of these extensions?

It provides users with the option of walking under a four-lane highway instead of having to cross a bustling traffic area and remain along the river and provide a safe way to walk. A greenway connects the first neighbourhood to Old Stone Fort State Park and all of its facilities. As a result of the extension, elementary and ninth-grade students attending College Street Elementary School and Raider Academy can now walk to school without crossing Highway 55.

As a result, they experience significantly greater safety and exercise. The trailhead is built on the abandoned Riverview Alternative School site, joint ownership between Manchester City Schools and Coffee County Schools. A traditionally African-American neighbourhood surrounds the school, originally an African-American school during segregation. This program invests in a low-income neighbourhood and helps connect it with city and state resources. Public housing development is just across the street. The park provides public access to an area of the Little Duck River that is beautiful and environmentally important. An additional half-mile of the greenway was added to the system, bringing its total to 2.8 miles.

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